Quicken is a Python package that enables CLI-based tools to start more quickly.

When added to a command-line tool, Quicken starts a server transparently the first time the tool is invoked. After the server is running, it is responsible for executing commands. This is fast because imports happen once at server start.

The library is transparent for users. Every time a command is run all context is sent to the server, including:

  • arguments
  • current working directory
  • environment
  • umask
  • file descriptors for stdin/stdout/stderr


Assume your application is my_app and your original CLI entrypoint is my_app.cli.cli. Create a file my_app/cli_wrapper.py, with contents:

from quicken import cli_factory

def main():
    # Import your existing command-line entrypoint.
    # This is the expensive operation that only happens once.
    from .cli import cli
    # Return it.
    return cli

Adapt setup.py:

        'console_scripts': ['my-command=my_app.cli_wrapper:cli']

If you have my_app/__main__.py, it should look like:

from .cli_wrapper import main



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